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Arthur’s Story

After twelve years of living homeless on the streets of Vancouver’s Westside, Arthur is trying hard to make a new life for himself in supportive housing, but in the quiet of his new apartment, he finds his old life keeps rising up, demanding to be heard.

He comes to realize he can’t just peel off the past and throw it away like a bundle of old street clothes. First, he has to wrestle with a lot of demons.

Journalist Suzanne Ahearne loaned Arthur a recorder and mic, and he spent almost a year living his life out loud, recording his story of transitioning from outside to inside with great strength, raw emotion, humour, and unflinching honesty.

Listen to ‘Living Out Loud‘ on CBC Radio One to hear the new 50-minute documentary called “Arthur’s Story,” a collaborative radio project produced by Steve Wadhams.

It airs coast to coast to coast on Sunday, October 13th at 8pm and again on Tuesday, October 15th at 1pm. Or you can listen live online in your choice of time zones, by starting here. (The podcast will be on the Living Out Loud site next week.)

Please click on the link below to take you to an interactive image where you can hear audio clips from Arthur’s Story

The root of all suffering comes from our belief that we are disconnected. ~ Tibetan Buddhism

With this same belief guiding us, the Safe Harbour Society is dedicated to providing spaces of welcome and connection for our guests, our organization, and our community.