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Did You Know?

We are writing to let you know of some changes that are happening at People’s Place, as we want to be good neighbours and keep you informed.

Firstly, we are pleased that we will have three staff housed in offices at People’s Place during the day now.  This helps to alleviate space issues at Safe Harbour downtown but also provides daytime presence at People’s Place to help address issues, if they should arise.

Secondly, we will be increasing the number of beds from 23 to 35.  We have been working on this for several months as we needed to get approval from fire inspections, health inspections and from The City related to zoning.  We had also been made aware early in the year that the funding for Winter Inn would not likely be available this year.  That makes us doubly thankful that we were successful in getting the approvals so we are able to move forward.  While these additional 12 beds will help to address the loss of Winter Inn, we look at it as more a part of our bigger plan to have adequate and appropriate shelter year around.  You will see us going in and out over the next weeks as we install new bunk beds and do some painting.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can pop by and talk to the staff, or call Tricia or Laura at (403) 347-0181.  You can also visit our website at and provide feedback anytime that is convenient to you.  We look forward to this change and as always we want to work with the community to make it a success.

Thank you

Safe Harbour Society

The root of all suffering comes from our belief that we are disconnected. ~ Tibetan Buddhism

With this same belief guiding us, the Safe Harbour Society is dedicated to providing spaces of welcome and connection for our guests, our organization, and our community.