Safe Harbour In A Nutshell

Central Alberta’s Safe Harbour Society for Health and Housing was formed on April 11, 2007. This unique
agency is the result of the amalgamation of three non for profit agencies serving the community of
Central Alberta, the Safe Harbour Society (detox and overnight shelter for individuals who are high
or intoxicated), the Red Deer Residential Society (transitional housing units) and the Central Alberta
Housing Society (homeless shelter and transitional housing).

This amalgamation is exactly what the community had been asking for. It streamlines services for
guests, provides support along the health and housing continuum and saves on overhead expenses and
resources. Most importantly, it gives the people we serve the opportunity to tell their story only once
and yet receive the supports and services threefold.

With over 60 staff, 14 programs and a two million dollar budget, Safe Harbour is standing tall in Central
Alberta. We are privileged to be doing the work we do and value our community partners who have
helped make it all possible. We receive Provincial and Federal dollars to operate our programs and
enhance that with the generous donations we receive from our community.

Across the agency, our guests’ needs are intersected with the Health and Housing Ministries, with each
Ministry equally as important. Our agency’s continuum of health and housing supports address these
needs well. We know the relationship of alcohol/drug use to homelessness is interactive and iterative.
It is difficult for anyone to address issues of addiction when basic survival needs for food and shelter are not met; it is difficult to maintain housing when your rent money goes to your addiction and difficult to control your impulses when your brain synapses aren’t healthy.

In the past four years, we have proven ourselves to be an agency that operates with integrity, passion
and true partnership. Our community partners and our guests have designed the “net” we have
become. The flexibility of our programs helps us to welcome those that others can’t. Our services
must be easy to access and hard to be excluded from. The elasticity of our net allows us to provide
basic human needs and support as people start to reconnect to themselves, their families and their

Safe Harbour. Safe People. Safe Community.