You can read more about each of our four main service areas by using the menu to the left. But sometimes the best way to explain what we do is through the voices of the people we serve:

“When you have nowhere to go, this is the place to go.”

“I have so much respect for the people who work at Safe Harbour.”

“Everybody comes here. I come here when I am really messed up because I don’t feel judged.”

“This is the place that keeps us warm and saves our lives.”

‘When asked what he found most helpful about Safe Harbour programs, a client replied “The humble gentle welcome with outstretched arms.”’

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“It’s important for people to have a place to go and get help when they are ready to change. Detox has given me a safe place to get my life started toward treatment.”

“Safe Harbour is saving my life! It saves lives, period!!!”

“I thank God many times a day that you are all here.”

“My stays in Detox and now Housing have been the best things for me. I am no longer lost.”

“Every one of you (staff) has been blessed by God and I love you all for your support. Thank you all.”